Products & Services

Main products and services

We are composed of 3 departments.

Our Apparel Department produces a variety of garment products, both in woven and knitted, with skillful workmanship in competitive price. See More

Our Textile Department sells mainly the high quality TEIJIN polyester and fabric (functional and non-functional) product and we also supply the products of other Asian countries. See More

Our Industrial Material Department sells mainly the TEIJIN industrial chemical and electronics products. See More

With an eye toward the ongoing expansion of the increasing diversified and sophisticated market, we are fully prepared to go beyond our frontier to seek the new challenge and new opportunity. See More

We provide one stop service in production from material (Fabrics) to the garment by collaboration of Garment and Textile department.

Our textile department is selling mainly the ‘Teijin’ polyester and fabric products and we have specialized expertise in the functional field.