Apparel Department

Main products and services

We provide one stop service in production of apparel products from material (Fabrics) to the garment in collaboration with our Garment and Textile department.

We also provide functional materials of TEIJIN LIMITED

We have strong experience in special workmanship (2-layer down jacket, seam tape….etc)

We have our own factory in Vietnam and also have several manufacture partners in Vietnam and Guangdong – China

Provide quality package business to customers, including:

  • Materials, sample making and pattern arrangement
  • Bulk fabrics and accessories arrangement
  • Garment production, inline quality control and problems solving
  • On-time garment delivery

Providing quality products to customers and speedy response and solutions towards changes.

Poly down coat and Wool down jacket

Polyester coat and Nylon down coat

seam sealed jackets

Nylon down jackets