Manufacturing Partner


manu-001Our manufacturing partners are located in Guangdong province of China and we have our own factory in Vietnam and sub-conntracted factory in Cambodia.

Our garment production from Vietnam where workmanship in general is much skillful than other production countires.

Vietnam Apparel Manufacturing operation


Hong Kong Function
  • 24 merchandisers in Hong Kong office provide duly response and action taking to customer, as well as problem solving
  • 2 paper pattern makers and 1 CAD/CAM operator for providing better service and solution for customer
  • strong material sourcing power all over the world
  • receiving orders from different markets to minimize production gap
  • investment for Joint Venture factory or equipment for small order lot, short lead time and new development
Vietnam Function
  • 7 experienced apparel merchandisers and skilled 3 QC members station for each factory in our Hochiminh City office
  • Carrying out inline inspection daily and providing technical advice to factory to ensure quality
  • Monitoring productivities to achieve on-time delivery
  • Good preparation for capacity booking and arrangement
  • Communication in fluent English

Combine with all our factories in Vietnam, we have huge capacity can take care of our customers and different kinds of apparel, we always achieve the perfect on-time delivery and good quality shipments to our customers.